Organization of Site

Architectural diagram for Organization of SiteThe site breaks into east-west programmatic bands: movement, plants/people, and utility. Within the home, the wet and dry modules are each uniquely bookended: one with folded planes, the other with enclosed masses. The bookends pull apart yielding flexibly programmed intermediary spaces.

Organization of Interior DesignGRoW Home interior design organization

The GRoW Home is designed to house 770 square feet (72m2) of conditioned space and 320 square feet (30m2) of extended living space.

Formal Organizations

The GRoW Home has three distinct regulating grids that define site, module and material scales. The spatial overlap of these spaces are flexible and can be defined regularly, depending on program, function, and environmental conditions.

Materials in the GRoW HomeĀ Material Samples for the Grow Home

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