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The GRoW Buffalo team includes active students from 4 different schools at UB (The School of Architecture & Planning, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Management, and Arts and Sciences). Over 200 students and faculty have contributed to the project in the past 2 years. Students at every academic level, from freshmen to PhD students, are involved in this interdisciplinary collaborative process.

GRoW Home is a challenge that reinforces UB’s reputation of being a prestigious research and multi-faceted institution. Students and faculty of different teams and specializations are collaborating to highlight the strengths of every approach to the project. The GRoW Home contributes greatly to UB’s effort towards becoming a leader in sustainability education and practices, including the Solar Strand and Sustainability Academy.


  • It is all about the UB Pride!

    If you haven’t heard, we were placed 2nd overall! Kudos to EVERY single person who made this possible! And we mean, EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Thank you so much !