GRoW & Spot the Difference: Set A

If you have been following our GRoW Buffalo Facebook page, you would have seen that we recently started with this all-time childhood game where you spot the differences between two images. The person who created these sets, Zhi, mentioned that she herself has trouble finding all the differences despite being the one who implemented them. If you would like to try them out for yourself, head over to our Facebook page and shout out your answers (virtually) by commenting in the picture!

Just in case you missed the first set, here it is!

GRoW and Spot the Difference Game Set A


Left of Image

  • Extra beige wire from air-conditioner
  • Two extra sets of blinds at the window
  • Absence of blue water bottle
  • Absence of red and black sticker on heater


Middle of Image

  • Absence of red marks on the black chair
  • Absence of crumpled paper on the floor
  • Extra white knob on the pipe
  • Extra nail on the pipe


Right of Image

  • Extra nail in the wall
  • 3 extra paper clips on the table


Have Fun and do stay tuned for more!