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Thomas Prato

I became an engineering student because I am very interested in renewable energy and sustainable design. I would like to pursue a position in the renewable energy and/or sustainability fields. Specifically I am very interested in bio fuel, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, and systems that utilize several renewable energy forms to be energy independent. I would say one of my biggest career goals is to help save the planet and push for a more sustainable society.

For me, this project represents an opportunity to apply skills I have learned in the classroom to a real world project. It will be great to work together with students from other disciplines to meet the goals of this project. I am excited to be a part of a project that is based around alternative energy sources and promotes a sustainable life style.

Adetunji Idris Adesina

I am a current undergraduate student studying civil engineering with an expected graduation year in 2016. I chose to study civil engineering because I would ultimately like to improve the living conditions of people in less fortunate communities by developing better infrastructure.

The Solar Decathlon provides me with real life experience that I can use to advance towards my ultimate goal. I intend to learn as much as I can from my peers and grow as an individual. By being a team member of the Solar Decathlon I will not only be helping the current community I reside in now, but with the gained experience and knowledge, I will also be helping the communities I will reside in later.

Aniket Marathe

After completing my first semester at UB with Comprehensive Design Studio, I got a fascinating opportunity to join GRoW Home project. As an architect, I widely believe that any architectural project has two lives, one in its designing stage and one in its building stage. Throughout my time here, the project allowed me to experience both the sides.
I have spent my two semester- winter and spring 2015 working for this project. As a member of the studio, I got engaged in interior design, roof design and drafting specifications for the house. I am currently working on post competition foundations for the GRoW Home.
GRoW Buffalo is a project that collaborates with multiple disciplines at University at Buffalo. It is about think tank, knowledge share and building those 2D lines in the field. Let’s GRoW Buffalo!!!

Joseph Szabo

I decided to join the Solar Decathlon to gain hands on experience, that can translate directly to post graduate uses and applications. Doing coursework builds a strong foundation of knowledge, but having real world experience is absolutely vital to any student’s success. It means a tremendous amount to me that I’m able to take part in a global competition that is so widely recognized.

I will strive to work on the HVAC systems of the house; detailing, designing, and simulating them and their interaction with the rest of the house, as well as any other mechanical systems. In addition, I hope to be able to take part in the actual construction of the home, and see it come to life.

I am a Buffalo native, and have lived here my whole life. It is absolutely fantastic to be able to help build the future of my home town, seeing it improve one step at a time. I look forward to one day seeing the finished product of our hard work, acting as a beacon for great things to come.

John Forrestel

I joined the Solar Decathlon because it allows me to be part of an international project that deals with real life issues. The Solar Decathlon allows college students to step out of the academic realm and interact with various students from different majors on developing and implementing an idea from the bottom up. By doing this project I know I can gain skills that will help me in my future carrier.

As part of the mechanical engineering team I am involved in the plumbing system of the house and the heating and cooling systems of the house.

GRoW Buffalo is an excellent way to demonstrate to the community a way to have an environmentally friendly house. This project shows what University at Buffalo students can achieve through cooperation. I am honored to be a part of this project that can help spread the idea of self-sustainability to the masses.