The GRoW Buffalo team includes active students from 4 different schools at UB (The School of Architecture & Planning, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Management, and Arts and Sciences). Over 200 students and faculty have contributed to the project in the past 2 years. Students at every academic level, from freshmen to PhD students, are involved in this interdisciplinary collaborative process.

GRoW Home is a challenge that reinforces UB’s reputation of being a prestigious research and multi-faceted institution. Students and faculty of different teams and specializations are collaborating to highlight the strengths of every approach to the project. The GRoW Home contributes greatly to UB’s effort towards becoming a leader in sustainability education and practices, including the Solar Strand and Sustainability Academy.

The Team

Public Relations

Project Manager

Assistant Engineering Manager

Cost Estimator

Primary Student Contact

Health and Safety Officer


Electrical Engineer

Procurement Manager

Electrical Engineer

Architectural Project Manager

Co-construction Manager

Engineering Project Manager

Co-Construction Manager

Sponsorship Manager

Past Team Members

Aaron Salva Adetunji Idris Adesina Alanna Olear Andrew Koudlai
Aniket Marathe Brianne Stasiak Charlotte Clark Colleen Creighton
Cornato “Ronnie” Vella Dylan Stefanko Edward Schelleng Eric Becker
Hao Kiat Tan Heeyun Byun Jesse Pringle Jingyan Li
John Forrestel Joseph Szabo Krishna Guruswamy Louis Rosario
Matt Singer Nicholas Karl Nick Lindsey Pratyusha Nadupalli
Sarabjot Kohli Steven Parks Sungyong Lim Sushanth Girini
Thomas Prato Timothy Gargiulo Wayne Fung Ying-Hui Chen